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Janet is the President of the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, a BASSC Certified Teacher and a fight director. 
She is the stage combat teacher at Acting Coach Scotland.
She provides professional level stage combat training, including industry recognised courses leading to certification by the BASSC, and runs workshops at drama schools, colleges, schools, youth and community groups throughout Scotland. 
She teaches regularly at the BASSC’s British National Stage Combat Workshop. 
She has also taught in China, the USA, Germany and Tenerife.  
In August 2016, she was on the teaching faculty of the World Stage Combat Conference held in Toronto, Canada and was made an honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. 
She was an Instructor at The Paddy Crean International Workshop 2018 in Banff, Canada.

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This is Bones, whose love affair with stage combat started with a broadsword-for-screen taster in 2018 and evolved into five weapon certifications in two years, and counting. Actor Combatant and BASSC Member Representative, she is happy to answer any questions that you might have about stage combat with a smile, a roar, or a parry - whichever works best for the fight sequence!



Alastair William Duncan is a working actor who has gone from floundering about with steel (he's pretty tall and gangly) to several weapon certifications and is currently working towards his instructor training. Recently nominated for an award for his voiceover with RFT in Edinburgh he has also performed as Tyler Durden in the Glasgow Film Festival’s Fight Club 20th anniversary stage adaptation. But for all his penchant for violence he’s very friendly and always ready to help students develop their skills 

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