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Advancing the story and affecting the audience through choreographed violence


Action Design is a methodology unique to Stage Fight Scotland, and uses principles of design thinking in combination with martial logic, choreographic logic and consent-based practice. It enables teams to explore multiple novel routes by which to express the story being told, in collaboration with those responsible for delivering the story. Consequently, the role of the fight director is one of facilitator and co-creator, delivering for both cast and creative team. As a Certified Teacher, a veteran actor and director in his own right, Rob is perfectly placed to upskill actors in the technical proficiency required for the safe performance of violence on stage. This begins with empathy for cast, character, creatives and audience to present controlled chaos from a place of harmony. 


Rob is currently fight directing Macbeth with the RCS MA, and working with Largs Theatre on their seasonal panto, Aladdy. Recently he has created fights for Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four and Teechers with Blackeyed Theatre, and Sus at the Park Theatre. Rob was the artistic director of Fight Rep, which explored screen action across weapons and genres with a returning company of actors, and has created violence for several independent films and documentary series. Before that, Rob was the resident fight director for Merely Theatre, creating fights for Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Henry IV Part I, Julius Caesar, and more. Rob was the resident fight director on the immersive overnight Macbeth and the underground MSND for RIFT. Rob started his journey in stage combat 15 years ago in Japan, working with Tetsuro Shimaguchi, who choreographed the final fight in Kill Bill Vol.1 between Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman, learning stage combat with the Katana. 

For large scale projects, Rob has an extensive professional network of fight performers and coordinators who can be called upon to fulfil the needs of ambitious productions.

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