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This Privacy Policy sets out how Stage Fight Scotland obtains, stores and uses your personal information.
Stage Fight Scotland is taking changes in Data Protection Register seriously, and are working hard to ensure that our actions and procedures meet new standards of General Data Protection Regulation. This Privacy Policy is effective from 25th May 2018.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Robert Myles at

What data we have:

Mailing list information
If you’ve subscribed to our online mailing list on our website or asked to be added to the mailing list by email we hold your name and email address and any other relevant information you have provided about courses that may interest you.

You can choose to opt out of receiving emails at any time by replying to the email received or emailing and putting Unsubscribe in the subject heading.

We do not under any circumstances trade or sell our mailing list.

Course bookings and payment details
If you’ve booked on a course we have records of bookings made online through our website and payments made through PayPal and our bank account and any emails received from you confirming details and attendance.  Information may include email address, phone number and postal address so that we can contact you with information about the course and send you your Fight Performance Exam certificate if this has not been provided on the day of the examination. Following the course the information is archived so that we have proof of your attendance and payment for our tax purposes.

Health and safety medical waivers
In order to meet the health and safety requirements of training we hold your name and phone number of your emergency contact and course waivers / medical information provided to us in order to deliver training to you. The information is normally collected in person at a course (see below for Covid exception) and is made available to our teaching staff for its duration and thereafter it is destroyed.

Photo waivers
We may take photographs and videos at Stage Fight Scotland workshops for advertising and marketing purposes. In both of these circumstances we ensure that all students recorded or photographed give written approval of their image being taken and used by signing a waiver prior to commencement of the workshop.  Any individual has a right to refuse to give consent to the use of photographs and/or videos containing their image and/or performance for Stage Fight Scotland purposes.  The waivers remain in our possession for as long as the photos and videos are being used.

Covid-19 protocols
We will keep a register of all who attend workshops, i.e. name and contact number. This will be used for both Covid Test and Protect and as a check list in the event of evacuation caused by a fire. This will be kept for 28 days after the end of any workshop you attend for the purposes of Test and Protect.

During Covid 19 we will send out Health and Safety Medical Waivers and Photo Waivers electronically and ask for them to be completed and returned electronically to avoid the use of hard copy documents.  The information is deleted immediately after the end of the workshop.

Fight Performance Exam (FPE) details
Stage Fight Scotland teaches Certification courses according to the syllabus of the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat (BASSC) and all FPEs are examined by a member of the BASSC Board of Examiners.  After every examination takes place, we collect and store an electronic copy of the Fight Performance Exam (FPE) Result Sheet outlining: date and place of the exam, teacher and examiner names, number of students, weapons taught, student names and the result of their exam.  A second copy is sent to the BASSC as the examining body for their records.  See for the BASSC Privacy Policy.

If no Examiner is available to adjudicate a Fight Performance Test in person, then a video examination will take place.  In such cases, the video remains with the Examiner for up to 30 days to allow the adjudication to take place and is deleted once that is completed.

Data storage
Your data is stored in a password protected database on a secure server and is not used for any other purposes other than stated above.

We do not collect cookies, do not use Google analytics, and in no way do we track or attempt to track persons visiting our website.

Your control over your data
You can access your data upon request.

Please email us at to be sent the information we have for you. We will require proof of ID to ensure we maintain safe control of individual details.

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