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Courses accredited by the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat

There are nine weapons systems in the BASSC syllabus:

  • Unarmed Combat

  • Rapier & Dagger

  • Broadsword

  • Sword & Shield

  • Smallsword

  • Quarterstaff

  • Knife

  • Rapier & Cloak

  • Swashbuckling Sword

Courses are run either as semi-intensive - over three weekends, or intensive - over a week (6 days)

Weekly classes can be run for drama schools and universities.

There is a minimum hours requirement of 30 hours of training per weapon.

For certification by the BASSC, students are assessed at the end of the course in a Fight Performance Exam (FPE) by a BASSC Examiner. The FPE consists of a pair of students performing a fight choreography within a dramatic scene with dialogue.

Certification lasts three years and can be renewed at weapon renewal workshops.


We endeavour to provide certification courses in a range of formats, summarised below:

  • Intensives - six days in a row - ideal for those with stamina who can absorb and synthesize new ideas quickly

  • Weekends - six Saturdays in a row - benefit those who need some consolidation time in between sessions.

  • Evenings - two evenings in a row, three weeks in a row - suited to those who benefit most from the working in smaller increments.

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